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Accueil Working Papers Working Paper 2/10 - Information and policy change
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Vendredi, 04 Juin 2010 17:01

WP Agendas 2/10

Juin 2010

Cette contribution est issue de la présentation de Frank Baumgartner dans le cadre du séminaire général du Centre d'études européennes de Sciences Po le 19 mai 2010.

Information and Policy Change

Frank R. Baumgartner

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Centre d’Etudes Européennes, Sciences Po Paris

In this short paper I am going to draw some distinctions and explain some concepts that will be fundamental to a book in progress, The Politics of Information, which seems now to be approaching the iconic status even of Warren Miller and Donald Stokes’ “forthcoming” book-length version of their classic 1966 article. Rather than attempt an overview or present a single chapter, I will take the hazardous route of presenting some of the concepts, especially those concepts and distinctive approaches that we want to explore that are likely to lead to the most confusion, concern, and consternation. But, we hope as well, perhaps the most progress. So let me barge right in.

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