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Accueil Project Latin America
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Tuesday, 03 May 2011 15:14

This project aims at comparing legislative activism of executives in Europe and Latin America. Following the theory of “political business cycles" developed by Rogoff and others, governments increase spending ahead of elections to enhance electoral support. Du to campaign promises, the winner of the elections is also likely to keep spending at high levels in the aftermath of elections. The idea here is to translate this approach, the results of which have been contested, to the legislative productivity - analyzed by topic. In other words, we want to analyze the production of legislation, laws passed, as signals sent to different social groups in view of upcoming elections.

The central hypothesis is that these signals will be “clearer" in the run-up to elections and just after. To the contrary, signals will be weaker between elections, when governments respond to requests and other exogenous shocks. To do this, we will concentrate on new data on legislative output in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Chile. We will subsequently compare these results with our data for France and for the other countries in Europe, already collected by our partners.

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