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Accueil Evénements Divers Media Workshop, Paris
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Jeudi, 05 Mai 2011 17:08

Media and Agenda-setting

Sciences Po, Paris,

Monday, May 30, 2011

Organization: Emiliano Grossman & Amber Boydstun

28, rue des Saints-Pères, Room H201 (2nd floor, follow signs)

9:00-9:15 am          Welcome and Introductions

Organizers: Emiliano Grossman and Amber Boydstun


9:15 am-11:00 am  Panel Session 1. Intra- and Inter-Media Agenda-Setting

Chair: Pascal Sciarini (University of Geneva)

Laura Chaques and Ana Palau (Univ. of Barcelona)
Analyzing the Media Agenda in Spain: A Comparison between El Pais and El Mundo Front Pages from 2000 to 2009
Discussant: Regula Hänggli

Emiliano Grossman (Sciences Po, CEE)
The Political Power of Le Monde: Or Who Sets Whose Agenda?
Discussant: Rens Vliegenthart

Patrick Merle (Texas Tech Univ.)
Transnational Inter-Media Agenda-Setting: A Franco-American affair? Relationships between The New York Times and Le Monde
Discussant: Riccardo Puglisi

11:00 am-12:00 pm Goals and Brainstorming

Chair: Amber Boydstun (UC Davis)


12:00-1:30pm       Break


1:30-3:15pm         Panel Session 2. Political Actors and the News

Chair: Sylvain Brouard (CMH, Sciences Po Bordeaux)

Gunnar Thesen (Univ. of Aarhuis)
Attack and Defend! Explaining Opposition and Government Responses to News Stories
Discussant: Pascal Sciarini

Rens Vliegenthart (Univ. of Amsterdam) and Peter Van Aelst (Leiden Univ.)
Studying the Tango: An Analysis of Parliamentary Questions and Press Coverage in the Netherlands
Discussant: Ana Palau

Stefaan Walgrave (Univ. of Antwerp), Peter Van Aelst (Leiden Univ.), and Lance Bennett (Univ. of Washington)
Beyond Agenda-Setting: Towards a Broader Theory of Agenda Interactions Between Political Actors and the Mass Media
Discussants: Laura Chaques

3:15-3:30pm         Break

3:30-5:15pm         Panel Session 3. Framing and Position-Taking

Chair: Emiliano Grossman (Sciences Po, CEE)

Regula Hänggli (Univ. of Zurich)
Key Factors in Frame-Building
Discussant: Stefaan Walgrave

Amber Boydstun (UC Davis) and Rebecca Glazier (Univ. of Arkansas, Little Rock)
Measuring Inter-Agenda Framing Alignment
Discussant: Patrick Merle

Riccardo Puglisi (Univ. of Pavia) and James Snyder, Jr. (Harvard Univ.)
The Centrist US Press
Discussants: Gunnar Thesen

5:15-5:30pm         Break

5:30-6:30pm         General Discussion

Chair: Emiliano Grossman (Sciences Po, CEE)

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