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Lundi, 10 Décembre 2012 11:42

The French Agendas Project has developed interested in the study of party programmes well beyond the French case. In particular, under the leadership of Caterina Froio (EUI), party programmes were coded for Spain, Sweden and the UK, starting April/June 2012 at the European University Institute of Florence (EUI). Funding was provided by the French Agendas Project (ANR), and thanks to a close cooperation with the British team (Dr. Will Jennings and Dr. Shaun Bevan) and the Spanish team (Dr. Laura Chaquès). Sweden and the Swedish laws and manifestos are a new entry for the CAP. This branch is developing with the precious assistance of Nina Liljeqvist from the EUI. Very recently, we decided to integrate the manifesto dataset with the laws that have been approved in Sweden between 1984 and 2011. 

E. Scott Adler in Boulder CO and Pepper Culpepper at the EUI, the budgetary service of the European University Institute and Martina Selmi (from the administrative staff of the EUI) have been very helpful  in handling the financial part and the  contracts  of  the  collaborators.  Six colleagues  (at the EUI and at the University of Barcelona) helped with the collection of the data (Pietro Castelli, Trajche Panov, Marco Valbruzzi, Davide Vampa, Markos Vogiatzoglou and Mariel Julio). For  the  Spanish  and  the  UK  manifestos  we  used respectively the Spanish and the UK Policy Agendas codebook, whereas for Sweden we created the Swedish codebook on the basis of the UK codebook.

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The coding handbook for the UK is available here.

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