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Like every large research project, Agendas France has relied on very numerous sources of funding and the support of very many different people. Among the people who have worked on the project in the past, there are in particular :


Angéline Escafré-Dublet

Pierluigi Maglio

Cécile Rioux


Nicolas Grossman designed the logo of this website.


The follwing institutions are currently supporting the project or have done so in the past:


The French research funding agency (Agence nationale de la recherche) is generously supporting the project through its programme "Gouverner et administrer" (grant ANR-Gouverner-55).


The website has facilitated the access to the communiqués du Conseil des ministres.

The Institut national de l'audiovisuel has facilitated the access to the summaries of the 8 o'clock TV News between 1986 et 2008.


Sciences Po, besides providing the salaries of the faculty and housing, has financed the project at several crucial moments.


The Fondation Jean-Jaurès has financially supported many of the early steps of the project.

jean jaurès

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